IS Div. the one of Ali A. Tamimi Trading Co. for services and maintenance. The DIV Provide complete solution to the Industries and OIL& GAS sector by global partners and local coverage. With high quality of services proven in the world, we spent a lot of the effort to reach this level of partnership. Chesterton's ARC coating provides superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Industry faces adverse environmental conditions that attack components, structures, result in compromised plant reliability, safety and lost profits. When Cementations or Metallic surfaces are subject to aggressive industrial application environments you can rely on Chesterton's 100% solids, low VOC protective linings. Every industry and every plant has unique equipment protection and coating requirements. The broad range of surface‐engineered products offered by ARC can minimize downtime and maximize your investments. Using ARC composite material are scientifically engineered to protect your equipment
from the damage and costly problem products: Abrasion, Erosion‐Corrosion, Chemical Attack and Atmospheric Corrosion Aquilex Arabia is a Plant‐Shut‐Down services business focused on the following areas:

  1. Specialty Repair & Overhaul services‐ Includes but not limited to: Weld Metal over‐lay, Boiler Construction, Boiler Overhaul, Boiler Tube Repairs, Heat Exchanger Repair, BOP Repair & Inspection Services, Welding, Erosion / Corrosion Services, Outage Planning and Support services, Shop Fabrication, Engineered Solutions.
  2. Industrial Cleaning‐ Includes Hydro blasting, WaterLazer, Chemical Cleaning, Vacuuming, Sewer Services, Transportation, Tank Cleaning and Solid Separation.

This services is done using the latest custom designed nozzles, automated tools and technology in the field of Robotics. Some of the applications included but not limited to are: Process vessels and piping cleaning, Hydrolic and Lube oil System flushing and cleaning, Boilers, Steam Piping and Feed Water system cleaning.

Mining, Oil and Gas Services (MOGS), is a South African based black owned BEE accredited where its provide a wide range of services in the oil and gas fields including:

  1. Integrated inspection and assessment services.
  2. Maintenance and repair.
  3. Rehabilitation and corrosion control.
  4. Consulting, design and engineering services

Ayman Al-Tubaji



First Project

Upgrade Liquid Fuel System for JP GT at Aramco Jeddah Refinery In this project Tamimi upgrade the Liquid Fuel system for Aramco GTG #2 MS5001‐N (S/N 226150) John Brown Unit under License to GE from a NY Airbrake (NYAB) variable type pump to a Shimadzu fixed or universal type pump by apply the following:
Replacement of the main fuel oil pump of GTG# 2 and do all required modifications Replacement of the existing electrical clutch with new one similar to existing GTG # 1, 3 &4
Install new fuel oil bypass control valve with servo bypass valve arrangement.
Complete the required on base fuel oil piping modifications to install the new pump, bypass control valve and fuel pump clutch. Complete the required on base conduit and wiring connections to the servo fuel oil bypass valve, flow divider magnetic pickup &
pressure transmitter.

Reconfiguration of the new Universal Liquid Fuel System with the existing MARK V control system and calibration.
Tamimi start the job in August, 4 and start up the unit on FSNL mode on August, 21 then start up the unit again with 18MW on August, 25.

Second Project

Upgrade Fire Alarm System at Gas Reduction skid in SEC/Aramco plant. In this project Tamimi upgrade/replace the old fire alarm system to new system. the old system have been in service for more than 10 years, and we are replacing the old panels with new one, and connect it with new instrumentations and to the DCS. We start the project to upgrade part of the skid, then SEC extend it to
upgrade all the skid. more than 90% of the work is done and we expect to finish the project in the 3rd of November.

Bassam Al-Mohideb



Commencing at the signing ceremony in April of 2010, the US based Aquilex Corporation and the Saudi Arabian based Ali A. Tamimi Company have agreed to launch Aquilex Arabia, Ltd. to provide robotic repair and overhaul solutions to the Middle East energy market. "We have been working for two years to structure this company, and we are making significant progress toward effectively creating a market around our advanced robotic technologies here in the Middle East, " states Brian Simer, Financial Manager for Aquilex Arabia. He and Neil MacDonald, General Manager, relocated this past summer to the Eastern Providence to lead the start up.

Aquilex Arabia will structure their local operations to leverage over 25 years ofb experience within their existing footprint in the United States and Europe. Aquilex is the worldwide leader in market share at applying weld metal overlay to repair and prevent erosion and corrosion in pressure vessel structure and components, piping and static equipment. Aquilex's renowned teams of metallurgists customize engineered solutions to address a wide range of maintenance demands in the refinery, petrochemical and power sectors. Simer adds, "We are in the final stages of completing our commercial registration, at which time we will be conducting a road show communicating and demonstrating the value of our repair solutions to every strategic potential customer in the Kingdom. We anticipate the maintenance engineers and turnaround managers will embrace having an option to repair their vessels and components to OEM standards at a fraction of the cost in a considerably shorter period of time, when compared to the tradition of replacing such items." Aquilex Arabia is currently building a state of the art facility on the Tamimi Trading campus across from the 2nd Dammam City expected to be completed in mid ‐ 2011.



Amro Felimban New Director of Tamimi Trading

John-Thompson-and-Amro-FelimbanThe company and all the employees would like to congratulate the new Director Amro Felimban for his new position and wish him a very successful and promising future, continuing the legacy after our father director Mr. John Thompson

TIMSCO, Tamimi Industrial & Marine services Company

is a newly established company, With the main operation office strategically located at Rahima and managed by a team of highly experienced and professional marine personnel, TIMSCO is an excellent choice for vessel operators requiring the following services (though not necessarily limited to) to be carried out at Ras Tanura Port, Dammam Port, Khafji Port & Jubail Industrial & Commercial Ports .

The immediate action plan for TIMSCO to move forward is to acquire a Taxi boat / Fast Crewboat that will be berth at Ras Tanura Port. This boat will be utilized to ferry marine personnel to and fro from Ras Tanura West Pier to the Freighter Anchorage and even as far as Manifa. This boat is also very suitable for ferrying Saudi Aramco personnel such as vessels inspectors and surveyors to attend to urgent matters pertaining to inspection and approval of vessels to be deployed to the fields. With this boat, TIMSCO will be in the fore-front of the Marine Agency business for a start.
In addition to the above, growth plans have been established to propel the company forward. An MoU for the provision of offshore marine support vessels by the OMNI Group of Malaysia has been signed. In the pipeline will be another similar MoU with Workboat International that would be signed probably by mid May, 2010.

Automation Division

Automation-Division-TeamWe are an intelligent systems integrator that provides smart solutions in terms of engineering, design, quality, after service, integration and installing the latest state of the art technology for the industrial sector, to our valuable customers to monitor and control there processes by only a touch of hand, and providing the most toughest, complex and impossible requirements to our clients by the energy of our people, that commit only to success

OILKLEEN - 2021-11-03


OILKLEEN has developed patented electrostatic filtration technology that is being offered as a high speed varnish removal service. Aslubrication systems operate, friction, heat, and contamination combine to degrade turbine oils and produce very small degradation by-products that settle throughout the system as varnish. With time, these particles attach themselves to surfaces throughout the turbine lubrication system producing a sticky coating. The insoluble oxidation by-products in turbine oils and hydraulic oils are responsible for varnish, which are smaller than 1 micron in size, too small to be removed with traditional filters.

OILKLEEN has developed a unique patented high speed electrostatic varnish removal service that can process oil at rates of over 1000 gallons per hour plus remove water and larger contamination. The OILKLEEN varnish removal service can have your system varnish potential rating well below normal in just a couple of days.

Paul Jarvis the president of OILKLEEN has now made several visits to Saudi and along with TAMIMI team has visited several potential customers. Two units have been sold, one to SABIC and one to Aramco with a further four units on trial throughout the Kingdom. Oil samples from the 3 trial units will be sent to OILKLEEN headquarters in Florida in the next few days for analysis prior to Paul’s next visit in June. We are hopeful that this will kick off our business plan of rental, sales and oil analysis for our wide array of customers.

Paul has several other filtration products on the drawing board that Tamimi can assist with the development and market introduction. This along with local manufacturing plans for the oil filtration units makes this an interesting and exciting business opportunity for both our companies in the years to come