Under the patronage of His Highness Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Thunayyan Al-Saud Chairman of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, the Royal Commission of Jubail organized in June 5-6, 2011 the Jubail International Conference & Exhibition under the theme “Environment and Industry in Harmony” in conjunction with the World Environment Day.

The objective of the conference was to discuss the best environmental practices in industrial cities, share the latest practices and experiences and promote dialogue between decision makers, city authorities, planners, developers and individuals in various disciplines.

The technical sessions of the conference included the following environmental aspects: air quality; water quality; hazardous material and waste management; and marine and wildlife conservation. A total number of thirty-seven papers were presented, some of which being based on real studies and experiences that have been carried to meet the regulations as well as to reduce the effect of the industries on the environment.

During the conference, Ali A. Tamimi Trading & Contracting team held several meetings with different consultancy companies to discuss their services, best practices and latest technologies they can provide to Ali A. Tamimi Trading & Contracting in terms of some of the environmental issues such as waste management, air monitoring and so on.

Ali A. Tamimi Trading & Contracting Company had the pleasure to be recognized with the platinum sponsor award, handed by H.H.P Saud bin Abdullah bin Thunayyan Al-Saud Chairman of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu to Abdulrahman Al Omair Jubail area manager.

The Conference was supported by UNEP, the Arab Towns Organization, MEMAC and the Saudi Council of Engineers, with a total of twelve companies as sponsors, including SATORP and twenty-two exhibitors.

During the opening session on the first day, and after delivering the opening speeches, His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Thunayyan Al-Saud, distributed Environmental Best Practice Awards and other awards to the sponsors. Later on, His Royal Highness proceeded to open the exhibition by cutting the customary ribbon, announcing the start of the conference and other related activities.

Abdulrahman Al Omair



Jubail Industrial is a city in the Eastern province on the Arabian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. It consists of the Old Town of Al Jubail, which was originally a small fishing village, up to 1975 and the new industrial area In 1975, Jubail was designated as a site for a new industrial city by the Saudi government, and has seen rapid expansion and industrialization since. The new Industrial City and residential areas were named (Jubail Industrial City) with a resident population of 150,367.

The industrial city is the largest industrial complex of its kind in the world and consists of petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, steel works, industrial port and a huge number support industries. There is also the Royal Saudi Naval Base plus a separate Commercial Port and Military Air Base. It holds the Middle East's largest and the world's 4th largest petrochemical company, SABIC. Also a number over fife other companies which owned by other parties than SABIC are at the same area, like (Tasnee, S-Chem, Sasref, Sipchem, Advance and others). Jubail is home to the world's largest seawater desalination plant, MARAFIQ. It provides 50% of the country's drinking water through desalination of seawater from the Arabian Gulf.

Jubail 2 is another evolving area of Jubail Industrial City consists of following phases:

Phase II begun during 2008-2012, Phase III during 2013 to 2018, and finally Phase IV during 2019 to 2022. As with the original Jubail development, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu is undertaking the project under the supervision of Bechtel, which has played a key role in the development of Jubail during the last 30 years.

The total four phases of development for Jubail Industrial City 2 is expected to cost about SR 14 billion allocated as follows: Phase I - SR 4.7 to SR 5 billion, Phase II - SR 2.5 to SR 3 billion, Phase III-SR 1.8 to SR 2 billion, and Phase IV - SR 2.5 to SR 3 billion.

Ali A. Tamimi Trading & Contracting company launched its first branch newly in Jubail Industrial City at Al- Fanateer District just beside SABIC Head Quarter on the 1st of February 2011. This branch beside being close to costumers would bring to Jubail Industrial area all support in field of:



AMES has secured an order from Saudi Aramco for 25 pieces 6” GE-Sensing flow-meter for water injection Application. Aramco was used to select orifice plate and DP cell, but based on added value brought by AMES team for the ultrasonic meters they considered this option.

They were must cheaper since their mechanical design is simpler than ours.

We managed to differentiate from them by the ease of transducers removal under operations – that they don’t have – and for the RS485 output, which they don’t have either. This is a very important win since he can be duplicated for other similar jobs in Aramco.

In March, AMES team has attended AquaSensors product training sessions at the Thermo Scientific Nijkerk facility in the Netherlands to learn more about the applications and selling strategies For AquaSensors products for online monitoring and control of water & wastewater and related aqueous processes.

In April 2011, AMES has received contract award from SEC – Western Operation Area for nos. 40 GE-Sensing (Rheonik) mass flow-meters for Diesel flow measurement at gas turbines fuel inlets at different 6 power plants. SEC used to replace their old mechanical flow meters with only E&H mass flow meters through their local agent ANASIA. Although only E&H was mentioned in the manufacturer list in the contract specification, AMES succeeded to compete and win with its GE Sensing (Rheonik) mass flow meters to be the first installation reference in Saudi Arabia at SEC specifically, and at heavy industries generally. It was challenging to convince SEC to switch from using E&H into our GE Rheonik mass flow meter because of their E&H product standardization, in addition of our GE Rheonik poor installation references. However, since SEC has the intention to replace all their old Mechanical flow meters across K.S.A with Mass flow meters, we decided to adopt penetration strategy by offering very competitive offer and educating customer about the advantages/features of our meters, so we will have more chance to win similar projects in the future.



The 2011 Global Sales Meeting of A.W. CHESTERTON was conducted in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States in the month of January 2011. Nashville popularly known as the ‘Music City’ is the Capital of the State Of Tennessee.

It was Minus Seven Degree Centigrade ( -7 Deg C) in Nashville when the TEAM TAMIMI reached Nashville in January 2011. The same night it snowed and it was fully covered with Ice all over the place. The CHESTERTON Management was delighted to welcome the tremendous attendance from TAMIMI for the Global Meeting.

The Meeting was for 4 days starting with a Formal Dinner Meeting. On the following days there were a total of 30 Workshops out of which 10 were exclusively for ARC Products and Services. CHESTERTON extensively presented their ‘BEST PRACTICE’ knowledge they gained from around the world based on practical experience from working with Process Plants. The Focus was on providing insight and information on the changing marketplace as well as providing practical tools needed to expand the overall business. In all the workshops very high emphasis was given on promoting Programs, Products and Services specially targeted to provide substantial savings and improvements to the Industry.

What we learned from the highly informative and professional sessions conducted by CHESTERTON is that in today’s modern world ‘selling just a product is not enough, to survive is not just enough’. Whereas the Message given was to THRIVE. The only TOOL to THRIVE in today’s competitive market is to position as a KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER to the Industry. With that message gained to Become a KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER ,the TEAM TAMIMI represented by the following personnel returned back :-

Amro Hamza Felimban, Wail Al-Ghanim, Aymen Al-Tubaiji, Abdul Rahman Al-Omair, Ahmed Mohsen, Nizar Alam, Amjed Al-Wazzan, Jaafer Al-Hajji and Jayes Mathew



KBR announced that its newly-established Middle East-based Engineering Company has been awarded an engineering and project management services contract by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) as part of its General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) initiative. The partners in this new Engineering Company, including Abdulhadi and Al-Moaibed Consulting Engineering Co. (AMCDE) and Kellogg, Brown and Root, were selected following a competitive bidding process.

Saudi Aramco has completed maintenance on a 305,000 barrels per day (bpd) refinery in Jubail on the Gulf coast, Reuters has reported, citing traders. The refinery, which is jointly owned by Aramco and Royal Dutch Shell, was back online after maintenance lasted for about one month, the traders said. The state-owned company said it also raised its fully-owned Yanbu refinery capacity to 250,000 barrels per day and upgraded its crude tower trays as part of a total revamp to improve the diesel quality after a 38-day turnaround.

Belectric and Sun & Life are building the largest solar power plant of Saudi Arabia in Dhahran. The 10 Megawatts Photovoltaic Carport System is situated at the recently built North Park offices of Saudi Aramco in Dhahran and will cover all of the 4,500 parking spaces. Belectric, world market leader in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of solar power plants, executes the North Park Project in cooperation with Sun & Life, Regional Solar Pioneer in the Middle East, a subsidiary of Acwa Holding, Saudi Arabian Leader in developing private Power and Water generation projects infrastructure and utilities projects

Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG) has said it plans to merge with its unit National Petrochemical Co (Petrochem) and will build a $1.2bn petrochemical complex in 2012, Reuters has reported. The potential merger, expected to be completed within nine months, will create the third largest petrochemical firm in Saudi Arabia after Saudi Basic Industries (Sabic) and Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co. "It does not make sense for us to have too many companies so we just want to collapse the two into one....we are in the process of soliciting offers now from banks then we will discuss and nominate consultants," SIIG's managing director Suleiman al-Mandeel said. SIIG currently owns 50% of Petrochem and produces around 1.3 million tonnes of petrochemical products.

Saudi Organometallic Chemicals Co (SOCC), a joint venture equally owned by Sabic affiliate, Saudi Specialty Chemical Co and Albemarle Netherlands, has signed a contract with Samsung Engineering to provide the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services at the group's aluminium alkyls manufacturing facility in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Set for completion in Q3 2012, the SOCC facility will initially manufacture 6,000 metric tonnes/yr of Tri Ethyl Aluminium, the key co-catalyst used in polyolefin production. This product is currently supplied to the region from Albemarle's facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America and will be supplied from the SOCC plant to regional customers upon plant start-up.