The Technical exchange meeting for ASM

The-Technical-exchange-meeting-for-ASMThe technical exchange meeting had welcomed over 150 attendees from all major Saudi companies such as ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, SWCC, and it was aimed to share with the audience the latest technologies on automated weld metal overly and hydro jetting activities.
For the automated welding, the process can be performed in the field either for repairing specific equipment or for the major activities during the plants shut-down (TI).
IT is known that the key component of any field welding operation is the ability to adapt equipment to the circumstances at hand, automated welding is the highest quality and most reliable method for the application of corrosion resistant barriers on existing plant equipment .
It also focused on the latest technologies of equipments in-situ cleaning, which includes non-invasive turbine foam cleaning, heat exchange and vertical tube exchangers, piping and vessels.
And finally, it introduced a breakthrough technology for coating removal using automated equipment.

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