The TST in Jenbacher, Austria


Tamimi Sales & Projects Team (KHALED AL-ARIFI, ABDULLAH AL-SULTAN, ABDUL REHMAN AL-OMAIR, AHMED MOHSEN and BASSAMAL-MOHAIDEB) have Accomplished a Technical Sales Training (TST) In Jenbacher , Austria.

The training Content as following:

  • Jenbacher gas engine technology
  • CHP operation modes and thermal integration
  • Current product program
  • Engine version and their typical application
  • Schematic drawings and writing diagrams
  • Operating materials and technical instruction
  • Engine and module design type 2/3/4/6
  • DIA.NE XT and DIA.NE Win at operation level
  • Structure of maintenance schedules
  • Auxiliary equipment (heat exchanger , silencer , emergency cooling , room ventilation , etc.)
  • Gas treatment (activated carbon filter , TSA , gas drying methods , etc.)
  • Exhaust gas cleaning (LEANOX)
  • Electrical integration , island mode operation , grid monitoring device

Participating in this training course gives us a solid knowledge of GE Jenbacher gas engine technology and an overview about the product program. Also the ability to recommend possible engine configurations to a customer, based on the customer’s needs.


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