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  • Was established on 1946.
  • The Tamimi group  established the first retail outlets (Safeway)  on 1979 .
  • Safeway was the first super market to invest in SAP and the Barcode technologies.
  • Tamimi Global (TAFGA) has been catering the region since 1991, among its customers  are the United States Military and Saudi Aramco airlines.
  • The group has the first specialized training center in the food industry in the region.
  • The Group has been representing GE in the Saudi Market for the last 50 years and managed to be the best seller for G.E parts in the world.
  • Tamimi Group has been awarded the Saudi Largest importer  Award by the Deputy U.S. Commerce Secretary.

Tamimi group is one of the prominent organizations owned standard class business in the kingdom. Nature of our business is wholesaler and retailer, importing varieties of Foods, Non Food products and Equipments by Sea and Air freight from various countries for our kingdom wide chain supermarkets. Totally it is around 200 containers of Dry food, Non Food and Frozen by sea and about 100 Chilled Meat, Produce and Dairy shipment receiving yearly by Air approximately 10 to 15 shipments per month accordingly. Countries of our worldwide suppliers are as follows:-

  • America: Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, Harrison, Chicago and Maryland.
  • UK: Birkenhead and Sutton Coalfield.
  • China: Guanzo and Ningbo.
  • Australia: Victoria.
  • Sri Lanka: Colombo.
  • Egypt: Cairo.
  • Lebanon: Beirut.

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