Gas turbine Training by Tamimi for SEC


Tamimi Trading Technical Manager Mr. Bob Johnston has put together a set of training presentations on Gas Turbine technology. The initial 3 day session was held in May, 2008, for the Tamimi team, in Al-Khobar. This was followed up several identical 3-day gas turbine training sessions with the SEC Materials teams at the SEC-East facilities, per agreements with SEC Executive Director of Materials. Over 80 SEC Materials Department personnel attended these training sessions. The basic course consisted of 21 different presentations on the GE Gas Turbine product line, including:

  • Gas Turbine product line orientation
  • Fuels and emissions
  • GE Gas Turbine Documentation systems, and the Supersedure process for spare part
  • latest advanced technology Capitol Parts for all frame sizes
  • GER/GEI/GEK GE publications Library
  • uprate presentations for all frame sizes
  • Gas Turbine performance characteristics, performance testing, and the impact that Operations and maintenance activities can have on Output.

All sessions were informal, so as to allow for numerous questions, to make sure everyone had a full understanding of the course content. Certificates were given to all show attended the gas turbine training sessions. The attached picture above shows the first class receiving their certificates.

Bob Johnston


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