Many of us are not familiar with all of the Tamimi Group businesses and all of the activities of our partners in the Kingdom. Your awareness of these businesses can be of benefit to both them and to us. By participating together we are able a provide a broader offering of solutions for our customers than if we work alone. During the past year we have worked harder to encourage this. One of the best examples has been our ongoing initiative at exhibitions, where we find more and more partners participating with greater and greater success. Another good example of the value of collaboration and cooperation are our “Tamimi Power Group” meetings. These are conducted informally about every 6 weeks. Participants include all Tamimi power related businesses; GE Water, GE Sensing, GE Fanuc, MEELSA, MEPCO, GEII, SESCO, ENERCO and us. Without exception everyone leaves the meetings having discovered new opportunities. In the future we would enjoy have any of you attend. I am confident you will gain from it while making a valuable contribution to the group. In the future we look forward to expanding this initiative further by making our new training facilities available to all of our partners, housing the GE turbine library and encouraging our partners to use our offices in Dhahran, Riyadh, Jeddah and Jubail.


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