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ibrahim al-saeedTamimi industrial solutions division is part of Ali A. Tamimi trading company and established in 2005. We started to support GE projects by fronting some contracts between GE and government entities. Today, we are independent to execute our projects with our customers and we build up a qualified team to serve our customers with best quality. These projects include turbine projects, gas turbine filters and exhaust systems upgrades and replacement, and protective coatings. The Projects Department as it was named when it was first established, had been changed toIindustrial Solutions Division. Starting with Projects manager only and getting to General Manager, 2 Managers, 8 Engineers, and 5 Supervisors to develop the business and grow with increasing services demand in Saudi. The capability had changed as well from depending on subcontractors to execute the jobs with Tamimi team application. Today we have 3 mobile shops equipped with highly advanced equipment like airless spray machines. Tamimi had enlarged the size of the material warehouse and we are working at building our new coating shop within Aramco standard to make sure that we are doing a great job as expected by our customers.

Ibrahim Al-Saeed


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