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Automation & Measurement Environmental SolutionsAMES has secured an order from Saudi Aramco for 25 pieces 6” GE-Sensing flow-meter for water injection Application. Aramco was used to select orifice plate and DP cell, but based on added value brought by AMES team for the ultrasonic meters they considered this option.
They were must cheaper since their mechanical design is simpler than ours.
We managed to differentiate from them by the ease of transducers removal under operations – that they don’t have – and for the RS485 output, which they don’t have either. This is a very important win since he can be duplicated for other similar jobs in Aramco.

In March, AMES team has attended AquaSensors product training sessions at the Thermo Scientific Nijkerk facility in the Netherlands to learn more about the applications and selling strategies For AquaSensors products for online monitoring and control of water & wastewater and related aqueous processes.

In April 2011, AMES has received contract award from SEC – Western Operation Area for nos. 40 GE-Sensing (Rheonik) mass flow-meters for Diesel flow measurement at gas turbines fuel inlets at different 6 power plants. SEC used to replace their old mechanical flow meters with only E&H mass flow meters through their local agent ANASIA. Although only E&H was mentioned in the manufacturer list in the contract specification, AMES succeeded to compete and win with its GE Sensing (Rheonik) mass flow meters to be the first installation reference in Saudi Arabia at SEC specifically, and at heavy industries generally. It was challenging to convince SEC to switch from using E&H into our GE Rheonik mass flow meter because of their E&H product standardization, in addition of our GE Rheonik poor installation references. However, since SEC has the intention to replace all their old Mechanical flow meters across K.S.A with Mass flow meters, we decided to adopt penetration strategy by offering very competitive offer and educating customer about the advantages/features of our meters, so we will have more chance to win similar projects in the future.


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