The 2011 Global Sales Meeting of A.W. CHESTERTON was conducted in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States in the month of January 2011. Nashville popularly known as the ‘Music City’ is the Capital of the State Of Tennessee.
It was Minus Seven Degree Centigrade ( -7 Deg C) in Nashville when the TEAM TAMIMI reached Nashville in January 2011. The same night it snowed and it was fully covered with Ice all over the place. The CHESTERTON Management was delighted to welcome the tremendous attendance from TAMIMI for the Global Meeting.

The Meeting was for 4 days starting with a Formal Dinner Meeting. On the following days there were a total of 30 Workshops out of which 10 were exclusively for ARC Products and Services. CHESTERTON extensively presented their ‘BEST PRACTICE’ knowledge they gained from around the world based on practical experience from working with Process Plants. The Focus was on providing insight and information on the changing marketplace as well as providing practical tools needed to expand the overall business. In all the workshops very high emphasis was given on promoting Programs, Products and Services specially targeted to provide substantial savings and improvements to the Industry.
What we learned from the highly informative and professional sessions conducted by CHESTERTON is that in today’s modern world ‘selling just a product is not enough, to survive is not just enough’. Whereas the Message given was to THRIVE. The only TOOL to THRIVE in today’s competitive market is to position as a KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER to the Industry. With that message gained to Become a KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER ,the TEAM TAMIMI represented by the following personnel returned back :-
Amro Hamza Felimban, Wail Al-Ghanim, Aymen Al-Tubaiji, Abdul Rahman Al-Omair, Ahmed Mohsen, Nizar Alam, Amjed Al-Wazzan, Jaafer Al-Hajji and Jayes Mathew


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