Automation & Measurement Environmental Solutions

Automation & Measurement Environmental SolutionsAMES has secured an order from Saudi Aramco for 25 pieces 6” GE-Sensing flow-meter for water injection Application. Aramco was used to select orifice plate and DP cell, but based on added value brought by AMES team for the ultrasonic meters they considered this option.
They were must cheaper since their mechanical design is simpler than ours.
We managed to differentiate from them by the ease of transducers removal under operations – that they don’t have – and for the RS485 output, which they don’t have either. This is a very important win since he can be duplicated for other similar jobs in Aramco.

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The 2011 Global Sales Meeting of A.W. CHESTERTON was conducted in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States in the month of January 2011. Nashville popularly known as the ‘Music City’ is the Capital of the State Of Tennessee.
It was Minus Seven Degree Centigrade ( -7 Deg C) in Nashville when the TEAM TAMIMI reached Nashville in January 2011. The same night it snowed and it was fully covered with Ice all over the place. The CHESTERTON Management was delighted to welcome the tremendous attendance from TAMIMI for the Global Meeting.


Quarter out side news by Naif Qahtani

Quarter out side newsKBR announced that its newly-established Middle East-based Engineering Company has been awarded an engineering and project management services contract by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) as part of its General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) initiative. The partners in this new Engineering Company, including Abdulhadi and Al-Moaibed Consulting Engineering Co. (AMCDE) and Kellogg, Brown and Root, were selected following a competitive bidding process.

Saudi Aramco has completed maintenance on a 305,000 barrels per day (bpd) refinery in Jubail on the Gulf coast, Reuters has reported, citing traders. The refinery, which is jointly owned by Aramco and Royal Dutch Shell, was back online after maintenance lasted for about one month, the traders said. The state-owned company said it also raised its fully-owned Yanbu refinery capacity to 250,000 barrels per day and upgraded its crude tower trays as part of a total revamp to improve the diesel quality after a 38-day turnaround.

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Tamimi Trading Visit TBL

Tamimi Trading Visit TBL

Resuming the series of visit to TBL, Tamimi had their fifth visit to enhance the relationship with its vendor in the UK. A team from Tamimi joined an SEC group from 7-9 March 2011 to have a business trip aiming to qualify the blades industry at the TBL. SEC had been convinced with the high standard of blading and the quality of production. The members of TAMIMI team has been chosen from different regions; (West: Omar Ba'amer & Hail Ashour, Central: Abdullah Al Sultan, East: Wayel Al Hashim) and all achieved the purpose of the visit and came out with technical back ground in this field.

SAOGE 2010

SAOGE 2010 has been a good experience. it was a big success, just within the first 2 days more than 5478 attendees have visited SAOGE.

SAOGE 2010 has been a good experience. it was a big success, just within the first 2 days more than 5478 attendees have visited SAOGE. We really look forward to SAOGE 2011.

Tamimi/GE Jenbacher Meet

Tamimi/GE Jenbacher MeetTamimi Team had a great meeting with GE Jenbacher to kick off the Business in the Kingdom . on May 2010 Ali A. Tamimi Co. signed an agreement with GE Jenbacher . the agreement makes Tamimi the official distributor & service provider in the kingdom .
GE’s Jenbacher gas engines range in power from 0.25 to 9.5 MW, and run on either natural gas or a variety of other gases (e.g., biogas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, sewage gas, combustible industrial waste gases). The meeting was on 01/12/2010 for two days in Beautiful snowy Jenbch , Austria .


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