The Suppliers Lean Workshop


Since Ali A. Tamimi Co. is among the top suppliers to Saudi Aramco, Tamimi got the opportunity to host the lean workshop on Tamimi Training center. Aramco vision is to continue the journey to expand the benefit to partners, vendors, Supply Chain. to give an opportunity to vendors to host 4 workshops at their facilities in order to improve the communications between all partners in our Supply Chain. The Workshop objective was to enable employees to think & do differently in order to accomplish an effective Supply Chain mission,to think Process, not just function, to Satisfy customers more effectively, to Eliminate waste (non valueadded steps), Free up resources to do the value-added steps, Decrease rework, and Reduce waiting. The interaction was amazing with all Tamimi Companies and others, it was the biggest work shop done in 2009.

Thanks to Aramco.

Industrial Solutions Division

ibrahim al-saeedTamimi industrial solutions division is part of Ali A. Tamimi trading company and established in 2005. We started to support GE projects by fronting some contracts between GE and government entities. Today, we are independent to execute our projects with our customers and we build up a qualified team to serve our customers with best quality. These projects include turbine projects, gas turbine filters and exhaust systems upgrades and replacement, and protective coatings. The Projects Department as it was named when it was first established, had been changed toIindustrial Solutions Division. Starting with Projects manager only and getting to General Manager, 2 Managers, 8 Engineers, and 5 Supervisors to develop the business and grow with increasing services demand in Saudi. The capability had changed as well from depending on subcontractors to execute the jobs with Tamimi team application. Today we have 3 mobile shops equipped with highly advanced equipment like airless spray machines. Tamimi had enlarged the size of the material warehouse and we are working at building our new coating shop within Aramco standard to make sure that we are doing a great job as expected by our customers.

Ibrahim Al-Saeed

Sheikh Ali Abdullah AlTamimi-may Allah have mercy on him

sheikh ali abdullah altamimiThe warehouse officer who turned out to be one of the pillars of national economy. starting from Onaizah,he became one of the first founders of commercial and industrial work in the Kingdom. Struggle and wisdom of men should be reserved in the memory of history. In his life, lessons to be learnt by many generations to come. he made a name for himself ,that, not only competes with local rich businessmen but international businessmen too. Rich but not for his wealth which its language is “numbers” but rich for his experience which became the centre of admiration by many others. A long life filled with struggle and sedulity, with Allah’s blessings the warehouse officer Ali Abdullah AlTamimimay Allah have mercy on him became one of the most important icons and pillars of the national economy who contributed in spreading commercial and industrial work in the kingdom. Because of his sincerity and integrity in his work, when the Gas entered Saudi Arabia through Bahrain, officers at ARAMCO offered him to take over the business of dropping goods coming from Bahrain, his name as a business man was linked to many projects, in particular extending pipe lines with ARAMCO. He opened the first gas station in the Eastern Province which was in “Abqaiq” then he opened the first automatic laundry in Dammam and a company for transportation too. In the early 70’s,he co‐founded the first internationaln supermarkets with Sheikh Abdullah Fouad which is called right now “AlTamimi Safeway”. In addition, he founded many companies which contributed heavily to the “fifth plan” in the kingdom. He owned international commercial and industrial agencies which contributed heavily in moving and pushing the wheels of the national economy. He believed that to be sincere in your work, you have to take care of people around you because a human being without his society is nothing.

New Partners

new partners join- tamimi 2009These companies has just joined the group :

  • TYCO values
  • GE Jenbacher gas generator engines
  • Philadelphia Gear
  • Silvertech
  • GE Motors

Word from Oil & Gas Manager

philwhiteI have now been working with Tamimi for almost three months and am thoroughly enjoying life in Saudi with this dynamic company. I have met so many people since being here but no doubt there are still many I have not met yet and so to you I say a warm hello.
I have lived in the Middle East off and on since 1975 this was also the year I married. I have also worked in the UK, Nigeria and Australia, I first came to live and work in Al- Khobar with my wife and children in 1988, then again in 2002 and this time we stayed for six years.
. John has a vision which is exciting and all of us have a role to play in making that vision become a reality. I can see that our team is very experienced and committed and I am proud to be a part of that team and look forward to working with you all in the years to come.
Phil White

Message from the Director

Tamimi-News-Letter-Publish-editionThis month represents the 5th anniversary of our company. In these 5 years we have grown from 7 team members to more than 80. During this period we have expanded from servicing SEC Central and Aramco for GE parts and Turbine Blading Ltd. Kingdom wide to representing GE Parts Kingdom wide, Braden Manufacturing, Chesterton ARC and Silvertech. You will take pride in knowing that we were the largest distributor in the world in 2008 for GE Parts, ARC and TBL. In future months we look forward to adding TYCO values, GE Jenbacher gas generator engines, GE motors and Philadelphia Gear to our customer product offering and in addition to the formation of Tamimi Pipeline Services. Our growth and our future opportunities are because of each and every one of you. Your dedicated efforts, in working together as a team to provide excellent service to our customers, is the key to our success. I am confident that we will continue to grow successfully in the future with your continued efforts to work together in providing excellence to our customers. I thank you on behalf of the Tamimi family for your dedication to our organization.

John Thompson


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