Tamimi Team visit GE Jenbacher Facility


GE's Jenbacher gas engines division is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gas-fueled reciprocating engines. It is one of the only companies in the world focusing exclusively on gas engine technology .

Tamimi Trading Sales team visited GE's Jenbacher head quarters in Austria and visited the whole facility.

Tamimi / Tyco presentation

tamimi-tyco-presentationThe presentation was held in the most important factory of the Tyco group. The factory in sympell in Germany . Tamimi presentation was prepared and presented by three sales engineers (Abdulrahman Al Omair , Bassam Al Mohaidb , Naif Al Qahtani), It gives some background and a brief about our organization and our company as well and talk about the present market of valves in Saudi Arabia and finally we talk about how we see the future between our company and Tyco group specially sympell factory.

I can say it was a great opportunity to share the experience with one of the most important and experience valve manufacturer in the world and I hope to have the chance with other manufactures in the future. Note to forget to say that the presentation was win the
“Best Presentation” made in the trip and that because of the good sprite and team work between the members.

Naif Al Qahtani

Our Vision

amro-felimbanWe believe that the real investment is in our people, which is one of the most important features besides strategic planning of the work environment. We are very proud of our all teams in the company working to achieve one goal with different directions which is to be real partners with our customers and suppliers taking the advantage as a local company representing the originality of Saudi by
understanding traditional needs to be with the customer day by day and step by step as partners in growth in parallel we gather our strength from our suppliers and partners as OEM developers in the country and best of the best in the field and by exchanging the knowhow, support and training.

I think all of these facts made the success of our company and took our organization from good to great.

Amro Felimban

Gas turbine Training by Tamimi for SEC


Tamimi Trading Technical Manager Mr. Bob Johnston has put together a set of training presentations on Gas Turbine technology. The initial 3 day session was held in May, 2008, for the Tamimi team, in Al-Khobar. This was followed up several identical 3-day gas turbine training sessions with the SEC Materials teams at the SEC-East facilities, per agreements with SEC Executive Director of Materials. Over 80 SEC Materials Department personnel attended these training sessions. The basic course consisted of 21 different presentations on the GE Gas Turbine product line, including:

  • Gas Turbine product line orientation
  • Fuels and emissions
  • GE Gas Turbine Documentation systems, and the Supersedure process for spare part
  • latest advanced technology Capitol Parts for all frame sizes
  • GER/GEI/GEK GE publications Library
  • uprate presentations for all frame sizes
  • Gas Turbine performance characteristics, performance testing, and the impact that Operations and maintenance activities can have on Output.

All sessions were informal, so as to allow for numerous questions, to make sure everyone had a full understanding of the course content. Certificates were given to all show attended the gas turbine training sessions. The attached picture above shows the first class receiving their certificates.

Bob Johnston



Many of us are not familiar with all of the Tamimi Group businesses and all of the activities of our partners in the Kingdom. Your awareness of these businesses can be of benefit to both them and to us. By participating together we are able a provide a broader offering of solutions for our customers than if we work alone. During the past year we have worked harder to encourage this. One of the best examples has been our ongoing initiative at exhibitions, where we find more and more partners participating with greater and greater success. Another good example of the value of collaboration and cooperation are our “Tamimi Power Group” meetings. These are conducted informally about every 6 weeks. Participants include all Tamimi power related businesses; GE Water, GE Sensing, GE Fanuc, MEELSA, MEPCO, GEII, SESCO, ENERCO and us. Without exception everyone leaves the meetings having discovered new opportunities. In the future we would enjoy have any of you attend. I am confident you will gain from it while making a valuable contribution to the group. In the future we look forward to expanding this initiative further by making our new training facilities available to all of our partners, housing the GE turbine library and encouraging our partners to use our offices in Dhahran, Riyadh, Jeddah and Jubail.

DCC Collected 500 C.V’s!

Dammam Community College graduation ceremony was sponsored by Tamimi Group, and Sr. Sales Engineer Naif al-Qahtani

Dammam Community College graduation ceremony was sponsored by Tamimi Group, and Sr. Sales Engineer Naif al-Qahtani gave the opening speech, and received the honoring from DCC vice president. On a side note, the HR team have collected 500 C.V’s that day !


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