Tamimi Sponsoring NACE


On The industrial services division of Ali A. Tamimi Trading Company have participated and sponsored the 9th technical meeting organized by NACE-Jubail Section on 8th of December 2009. NACE-Jubail is a local section of the West Asia and Africa Region Chapter of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. NACE-Jubail was established in July 2008 to promote the awareness of corrosion and its control for industries in Al-Jubail and its extended adjoining area of Saudi Arabia. Al-Jubail area is the industrial heart of the Arabian Gulf; the area has the highest concentrations of world scale petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, refinery, steel and mineral industries; as well as oil and gas operations, power and desalination plants, etc.

The presentation was delivered by Mr. Rumen from CHESTERTON and it was about Advanced Reinforced Composites for Protection of Metal and Concrete Surfaces. The meeting was held in intercontinental hotel in Jubail. in this event
,NACE have the highest records since they started their activities in jubail. More than 134 professionals engineers, specialists in material, corrosion, painting, and inspection from the Jubail industrial companies have attended this presentation.
This event and participation will add new value to our company, as this would
strongly participate in creating new potential for our business and extending our market share among other competitors in the near future.

Ahmed Al Awami

Tamimi Trading launches the Training program for its employees

Tamimi Trading aunches the Training program for its employees

The HR have started an ambitious program for its employees that covers a variety of courses from Sales skills to Team work, almost all the Trading employees have taken a course or two.

All trainers were absolutely happy and satisfied with the training facility.

Tyco Seminar


Ali A. Tamimi/Tyco Seminar was held on 17 October 2009 in Riyadh. The seminar was organized by Tamimi Team and it was attended by more than 40 delegates from Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Ministry of Water & Electricity (MOWE), Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Saudi Factory for fire equipment Company (SFFECO), Gas Company (GASCO), and King Saud University (KSU). The seminar was opened by Mr. Loay Marzouk (Tyco Saudi Sales Manager) and he provided an overview of Tyco, Then Tyco Products & Industry Manager Mr. Philippe Claeys provided presentation about Tyco products and solutions. The seminar was successful and it was an opportunity to meet our current and potential customers in Saudi.

Adel Al-Bawardi

Things you should know about the group


  • Was established on 1946.
  • The Tamimi group  established the first retail outlets (Safeway)  on 1979 .
  • Safeway was the first super market to invest in SAP and the Barcode technologies.
  • Tamimi Global (TAFGA) has been catering the region since 1991, among its customers  are the United States Military and Saudi Aramco airlines.
  • The group has the first specialized training center in the food industry in the region.
  • The Group has been representing GE in the Saudi Market for the last 50 years and managed to be the best seller for G.E parts in the world.
  • Tamimi Group has been awarded the Saudi Largest importer  Award by the Deputy U.S. Commerce Secretary.

Tamimi group is one of the prominent organizations owned standard class business in the kingdom. Nature of our business is wholesaler and retailer, importing varieties of Foods, Non Food products and Equipments by Sea and Air freight from various countries for our kingdom wide chain supermarkets. Totally it is around 200 containers of Dry food, Non Food and Frozen by sea and about 100 Chilled Meat, Produce and Dairy shipment receiving yearly by Air approximately 10 to 15 shipments per month accordingly. Countries of our worldwide suppliers are as follows:-

  • America: Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, Harrison, Chicago and Maryland.
  • UK: Birkenhead and Sutton Coalfield.
  • China: Guanzo and Ningbo.
  • Australia: Victoria.
  • Sri Lanka: Colombo.
  • Egypt: Cairo.
  • Lebanon: Beirut.

Ismail Thabit

The Tamimi Group


The Tamimi Group Of Companies harnesses the very broad range of skills and talents of over 16,000 people, of some 28 different nationalities, distributed over several dozen companies, engaged in highly diversified activities. With over 160 active contracts, its 11,000 employees are proudly serving its prestigious organizations customers such as, ARAMCO,SEC,SABIC, the U.S. Military, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health and many others in the region.

TAFGA ( Tamimi Global )is able to tender and mobilize any size contract swiftly and without any inconvenience to its clients. Supporting this effort is its own central warehouse in Khobar and a transport fleet of over 500 vehicles including 45 refrigerated trailers and 80 chilled trucks.

Ismail Thabit

Tamimi/MOGS agreement

Tamimi/MOGS agreementTamimi Trading and MOGS ( Mining Oil and Gas Services ) have signed an agreement where Tamimi Trading will be representing MOGS in Saudi Arabia.


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