managing our participation at STM-9 was hard work, we were the only company which had 8 partners in its booth: Tyco, Silvertech, Oilkleen, ARC, MOGS, Boltight, Thermo Fisher and Aquilex. it was a long hectic experience to get all the 8 companies coming to Jubail for the first time but it was worth it as we had so many visitors and above all we won honorary award by none other than Prince Saud Bin Thunayan Al-Saud,Chairman of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu and Chairman of SABIC

Rakkad Al Tamimi



On a side note, WEPOWER Exhibition was also managed by Rakkad Al Tamimi, and was also one of the biggest booth.

Announcements, new companies and new Divisions

Amro Felimban New Director of Tamimi Trading

John-Thompson-and-Amro-FelimbanThe company and all the employees would like to congratulate the new Director Amro Felimban for his new position and wish him a very successful and promising future, continuing the legacy after our father director Mr. John Thompson




TIMSCO, Tamimi Industrial & Marine services Company

TIMSCO-Tamimi-Industrial-and-Marine-services-Companyis a newly established company, With the main operation office strategically located at Rahima and managed by a team of highly experienced and professional marine personnel, TIMSCO is an excellent choice for vessel operators requiring the following services (though not necessarily limited to) to be carried out at Ras Tanura Port, Dammam Port, Khafji Port & Jubail Industrial & Commercial Ports .
The immediate action plan for TIMSCO to move forward is to acquire a Taxi boat / Fast Crewboat that will be berth at Ras Tanura Port. This boat will be utilized to ferry marine personnel to and fro from Ras Tanura West Pier to the Freighter Anchorage and even as far as Manifa. This boat is also very suitable for ferrying Saudi Aramco personnel such as vessels inspectors and surveyors to attend to urgent matters pertaining to inspection and approval of vessels to be deployed to the fields. With this boat, TIMSCO will be in the fore-front of the Marine Agency business for a start.
In addition to the above, growth plans have been established to propel the company forward. An MoU for the provision of offshore marine support vessels by the OMNI Group of Malaysia has been signed. In the pipeline will be another similar MoU with Workboat International that would be signed probably by mid May, 2010.



Automation Division

Automation-Division-TeamWe are an intelligent systems integrator that provides smart solutions in terms of engineering, design, quality, after service, integration and installing the latest state of the art technology for the industrial sector, to our valuable customers to monitor and control there processes by only a touch of hand, and providing the most toughest, complex and impossible requirements to our clients by the energy of our people, that commit only to success.



Boltight is a British company that we are about to introduce to our customers in Saudi Arabia. They are a specialized engineering company that is at the forefront of the bolt tensioning in many industries including the Energy Sector where our main interest is.

Their products are used extensively by the oil and gas industry. They supply tools for offshore, topside and subsea applications as well as many onshore process applications in refining and petrochemical plants. Some of our sister companies such as MEELSA are already a customer of Boltight.

Their bolt tensioners are used on high pressure pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and other critical items of plant equipment. They are also used on offshore cranes, subsea pipeline flanges and structural clamps on offshore platforms.

We are very excited about this opportunity as it fits well with our plans to establish a first class services group within the Ali A. Tamimi Trading Company. Bassam, Amjad and Phil attended a familiarization and training course at Boltight UK in late May.



OILKLEEN has developed patented electrostatic filtration technology that is being offered as a high speed varnish removal service. Aslubrication systems operate, friction, heat, and contamination combine to degrade turbine oils and produce very small degradation by-products that settle throughout the system as varnish. With time, these particles attach themselves to surfaces throughout the turbine lubrication system producing a sticky coating. The insoluble oxidation by-products in turbine oils and hydraulic oils are responsible for varnish, which are smaller than 1 micron in size, too small to be removed with traditional filters.

OILKLEEN has developed a unique patented high speed electrostatic varnish removal service that can process oil at rates of over 1000 gallons per hour plus remove water and larger contamination. The OILKLEEN varnish removal service can have your system varnish potential rating well below normal in just a couple of days.

Paul Jarvis the president of OILKLEEN has now made several visits to Saudi and along with TAMIMI team has visited several potential customers. Two units have been sold, one to SABIC and one to Aramco with a further four units on trial throughout the Kingdom. Oil samples from the 3 trial units will be sent to OILKLEEN headquarters in Florida in the next few days for analysis prior to Paul’s next visit in June. We are hopeful that this will kick off our business plan of rental, sales and oil analysis for our wide array of customers.

Paul has several other filtration products on the drawing board that Tamimi can assist with the development and market introduction. This along with local manufacturing plans for the oil filtration units makes this an interesting and exciting business opportunity for both our companies in the years to come

John Thompson Farewell party


Tamimi trading had a farewell party for Mr. John Thompson at the companies training hall, Sheikh Tariq al Tamimi the Owner and all the companies employees and staff were there.
It was a great and hard moments to say farewell to the father of this company, who started in 2004 from scratch with only 7 employees and reached 130 employee in 2010 with 3 divisions and 12 business partners. John taught us to be selective and creative in the business and have one goal to be the best of the best and work with the best brands, products and companies, and also to give the best support and cooperation to the costumer. After that an awarding ceremony took place where the companies pioneers who had been working for more than 6 years were awarded by sheikh Tariq him self.

SAOGE 2009

saoge 2009

SAOGE 2009 has been a good experience. it was a big success, just within the first 2 days more than 5478 attendees have visited SAOGE. We really look forward to SAOGE 2010, the companies that has participated this year from the Tamimi group were:

  • SASCO.
  • ARC.
  • GE Fanuc.
  • Tamimi Trading.
  • Tyco.
  • Tamimi Commercial.
  • Enerco

Rakad Al Tamimi


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