Boltight is a British company that we are about to introduce to our customers in Saudi Arabia. They are a specialized engineering company that is at the forefront of the bolt tensioning in many industries including the Energy Sector where our main interest is.

Their products are used extensively by the oil and gas industry. They supply tools for offshore, topside and subsea applications as well as many onshore process applications in refining and petrochemical plants. Some of our sister companies such as MEELSA are already a customer of Boltight.

Their bolt tensioners are used on high pressure pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and other critical items of plant equipment. They are also used on offshore cranes, subsea pipeline flanges and structural clamps on offshore platforms.

We are very excited about this opportunity as it fits well with our plans to establish a first class services group within the Ali A. Tamimi Trading Company. Bassam, Amjad and Phil attended a familiarization and training course at Boltight UK in late May.


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