OILKLEEN has developed patented electrostatic filtration technology that is being offered as a high speed varnish removal service. Aslubrication systems operate, friction, heat, and contamination combine to degrade turbine oils and produce very small degradation by-products that settle throughout the system as varnish. With time, these particles attach themselves to surfaces throughout the turbine lubrication system producing a sticky coating. The insoluble oxidation by-products in turbine oils and hydraulic oils are responsible for varnish, which are smaller than 1 micron in size, too small to be removed with traditional filters.

OILKLEEN has developed a unique patented high speed electrostatic varnish removal service that can process oil at rates of over 1000 gallons per hour plus remove water and larger contamination. The OILKLEEN varnish removal service can have your system varnish potential rating well below normal in just a couple of days.

Paul Jarvis the president of OILKLEEN has now made several visits to Saudi and along with TAMIMI team has visited several potential customers. Two units have been sold, one to SABIC and one to Aramco with a further four units on trial throughout the Kingdom. Oil samples from the 3 trial units will be sent to OILKLEEN headquarters in Florida in the next few days for analysis prior to Paul’s next visit in June. We are hopeful that this will kick off our business plan of rental, sales and oil analysis for our wide array of customers.

Paul has several other filtration products on the drawing board that Tamimi can assist with the development and market introduction. This along with local manufacturing plans for the oil filtration units makes this an interesting and exciting business opportunity for both our companies in the years to come


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